Prologue, page 25

9th Jan 2019, 7:58 PM in Book 1, Prologue
Prologue, page 25
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SequoiaStoryteller 9th Jan 2019, 7:58 PM

...I simply could not resist. xD

ANYway, here we are again, FINALLY, with an update for this. I am so sorry for such long gaps. I wish that I was able to work on comics more professionally and update regularly. All I can say is that life takes me aside a lot these days... I have a really big and daunting year ahead of me, with my upcoming college transfer in the fall. o_o;

That being said, I would really appreciate any Patreon support, if you like this and/or my other work. For one, I'm looking to raise some serious funds for my transfer, and also, if working on comics like this begins to earn enough to help me live life, it'll be like a job and I'll surely be able to work on it more regularly, and that means fewer update gaps. :) Thanks to anyone who considers this! <3